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a6Heritage Financing Company Limited of P.O. Box 13637 Arusha, a company registered under the laws of Tanzania, with Certificate of Registration No. 105832 was fully operational from 2014.The decision to set up came out of the felt need of having a financial institution that will provide financial services to the low-income segment of the society so as to spearhead their social-economic development and at the same time complement the government’s effort on poverty eradication. 

From the beginning, the innovation of microfinance has allowed poor people – usually excluded from the traditional banking system – to obtain credit to develop microenterprises and build savings. Microfinance has become a real means of reducing poverty by improving both people’s standard of living and economic self-sufficiency, as well as offering a pathway to education, health care and equity between men and women.

Our list of clients includes low to medium income individuals who can access group or individual loans, employees and local corporates. Geographically operations extend from the northern regions of Tanzania to the capital of Dar essalaam.


Our mission
Is to provide loans to small to medium entrepreneurs by giving them credit to sustain and grow their businesses
Our vision
To be a profitable microfinance company able to meet the financial needs of customers

Our Core Values
We value people,integrity,privacy of clients information,feedback mechanism and transparency.

Our Objectives:

  1. To be an independent and profitable financial provider with the sell and delivery of credit remaining as the core product.
  2. To develop and expand the range of financial and non-financial services offered in order to compete effectively in the micro-small and medium scale enterprise and finance services sector.
  3. To be innovative, pro-active and responsive to the needs of customer and ensure that services are provided in the most effective and efficient manner.
  4. To maintain and continue to achieve a satisfactory rate of return on investment to ensure attractive dividends and capital retention for future growth.
  5. To research and develop all aspects of the financial business in light of changing market conditions, whilst ensuring focus on microfinance delivery to micro ,small and medium scale entrepreneurs.
  6. To provide for staff career and professional development as well as organization development.

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