history icon.fwHeritage Financing began as a simple idea from a Lawyer, Sia Kassian, who was highly intuitive and creative. After a year through creative problem solving, Sia Kassian excellence and genial ways built a loyal clientele. The company was then incorporated in 2013.

Steady growth marked the firm's development through the 2013s and mid 2015s, with new disciplines being added as new specialists joined the firm. Those specialists loan officers, accountants, management experts are given tremendous freedom and corporate support for building their own enterprise within the enterprise. Once on board, he or she can draw on the full resources of the firm to make their ambitions work.

The reiteration of our reason to exist by our board chairman sparked introspection about what should never change. Five core values and a core purpose were identified. Our business exists, above all, to provide an environment for our people to prosper. But inextricably interwoven are the values of honesty, integrity, and ethics; exceptional client service; high expectations; sharing and caring; and sustained profitability.

Those values and purpose aren't new, they go all the way back to our founder. Our circumstances change, but our character remains the same. And as we move through a new heights that just

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