philosophy icon.fwHeritage Financing keeps two groups of people at the center of its business: our clients and our staff. Heritage Financing board chairman Mr. Raymond Kimaro said, "We have no reason to exist except to serve our clients." That intense focus on providing quality service to the people we serve has made Heritage Financing one of the country's top financing firms in every discipline we practice.

But the firm's core purpose, articulated by its leadership and lived out daily, is "to provide an environment for our people to prosper." We know that people are fulfilled, motivated, and challenged in different ways. In order to foster our individual aspirations, we support our people as they grow into roles and take on responsibilities that are important to them. Growing professionally, having fun with our colleagues, and finding satisfaction in our work are central to our way of life.

To that purpose we add core values: "honesty, integrity, and ethics; exceptional client service; high expectations; sharing and caring; sustained profitability." Our core values and core purpose provide a foundation for the way we approach our business. Our vision is long-term and our expectation is always to deliver with quality, for the sake of both groups at the center of our firm.

Through their work, our people discover untapped talents and interests. At Heritage Financing we work hard to allow that to happen. We have employee who started as interns and now are working us in different departments.

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