Individual loans are given to individual small scale entrepreneurs. This is a straight forward credit lending model where micro loans are given directly to the borrower. It does not include the formation of groups, or generating peer pressures to ensure repayment.

The individual model helps to provide upcoming entrepreneurs with much needed capital to fuel their investments.

Loan Benefits Requirements Price
Minimum amount of Tshs. 100,000 with a Maximum of Tshs. 1,000,000. Higher loans can be requested subject to the borrower’s income Must have a valid business license of up/above 12 months Interest rates charged.
Low interest rates charged  Adequate collateral (value collateral must be at least three (3) times that of the loan requested LAF/I/V
Interest varies with loan repayment period Must have at least two guarantors  
Maximum repayment period of six (6) months, Repayment can be done on weekly installments    

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